UTD – a step towards a bigger goal for Greyling

With the iconic Ultra-Trail® Mont Blanc looming in the distance, Salomon/KPMG's Landie Greyling has cautiously decided to enter the 62km Giants Cup Uncut as opposed to the signature 100km Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg on Saturday, 29 April. Image by Anthony Grote/ Gameplan Media

Underberg – With runners being spoilt for choice at the inaugural Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg event over the last weekend of April, Landie Greyling will use the 62km Giants Cup Uncut race as part of her preparation for the 80km Marathon du Mont-Blanc in France on the 23rd of June.

The Stellenbosch-based Greyling is no stranger to running in the Drakensberg and despite the four month gap between UTD to UTMB she felt she needed to steer clear of doing the full 100km UTD.

“I was really tempted to enter the 100km event but I thought that I would be wise and stick to the shorter 62km race,” the Salomon/KPMG athlete mentioned.

“It is going to be one of my last long runs before I head to France so I want to take it a bit easier than if the race was going to be the highlight of the season.”

Greyling’s love of the Drakensberg was a vital element for her to make the decision to race on Saturday, 29 April.

“Whenever I get the chance to race in the Drakensberg I rarely pass up the opportunity.

“There is just something really special about the region and when this event popped up I couldn’t let the chance go!

“I have run along a lot of the trail that we will be using but have never done the whole Giants Cup so I am looking forward to what is install for us!” she added expectantly.

Having a general idea of what to expect could play into Greyling’s hands, however the 33 year-old star is not going to destroy herself to win the race with a much larger goal on her mind.

“From what I know and have heard there will be a lot more running than hiking and technical stuff.

“I will run the race hard but I am not going to give it everything that I have in order to win the event. It will be a case of sussing out the competition during the race and not risk too much with such a big race on the horizon.

“My approach to the race will have to be a little different to other events as it’s not the focus for me this year,” she added cautiously.

Having settled in the Western Cape horticultural mecca of Stellenbosch, getting up to KwaZulu-Natal for an event is never that simple, however for Greyling another commitment meant that she was able to take part in UTD.

“We are going to be up in Lesotho working on a project just ahead of the event so it meant that UTD fitted into my plans perfectly!” she added.

There is currently a CANSA deal that is limited to the first 50 registered scholars, and offers them an entry into the Rock Jumper, which normally costs R1250, by making a R150 donation to CANSA when entering on the race website www.ultratraildrakensberg.com. This deal is open until Friday, 21 April.

As with all Running Man Adventures events a significant portion of each entry will be donated to Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and we are also very pleased to announce that UTD will be partnering with Wildlife Act (www.wildlifeact.com) and assisting them to raise funds and awareness.

For more information visit the race website www.ultratraildrakensberg.com