PHOTO CREDIT: Diana Swanevelder

You are a trail runner right? Bad news is that you’re going to take a tumble on a trail, its inevitable. Falling on a trail run happens very quickly. The mind wonders, your legs are jelly and BOOM, you go down! Here’s a couple of tips on how to tumble is a stylish manner and still keep that ego in tact!

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  1. Check for a landing area. Whilst falling try and look for a “safe” spot to land. Try to lean your body to a safe spot, to avoid sharp rocks and nasty roots that will burst more than that ego.
  2. Prepare for the impact. Your natural instinct when falling is to put your arms out in front of you and try to catch your fall. Bad move. This is the easiest way to break your wrist. The best thing to do is to bring your arms in close to your body, and try to land softly with the palm of your hand with the elbow bending and absorbing the impact.
  3. Roll. Impact the ground with the hand on the side of your body you want to roll to. Left hand goes left, and your right hand goes right. Your momentum will do the rest, just aim and prepare for impact!
  4. Get back up. There are techniques for rolling back into a run but if you’re not an experienced gymnast I wont recommend doing this. Assess the damage, get up and run that trail!
Falling is part of the sport, just remember to be safe, look where you’re going and enjoy!
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