Living in the highveld, most of our trails are a muddy mess in summer. Slippery downhill sections are not for the faint hearted. Here are some tips when running on a muddy trail.

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  1. Shorten your stride. Don’t land hard, shortening your stride will minimize slipping on muddy trails.
  2. Tape your shoes. Yes put some tape around the bottom and top of the arch. If the mud is sticky it will pull your shoe right of your foot.
  3. Look where you putt your foot down. If it looks slippery, it probably is slippery.
  4. Prepare for heavy feet. The mud is going to stick to your shoes, and that’s going to make your feet heavy, so concentrate where you land and on the obstacles on the path.

There are no great secrets to running in the mud, its trail running and getting dirty is what its all about. Keep you eyes open, concentrate and enjoy the mud!

Article by Nicky Swanevelder

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