Salomon Running TV – Trails Original Soundtrack


Salomon Running TV, a web based series showcasing some of the world’s most diverse trail running and it’s fascinating and enigmatic roster of athletes entered its third season in 2013/2014. South African production company The African Attachment were tasked with producing the 8 episodes and 2 short films that formed the body of work that is SRTV Season 3.

This season showcased legends such as Bernd Heinrich, Gordy Ainsleigh, Anna Frost, Francois D’haene, Kasie Enman, Rickey Gates and Emelie Forsburg following their passion and drive for life, and ultimately the sport they all share an eternal love for. To truly capture the gravity of this passion and the beauty of simple movement Signpost Sound was brought in to compose original songs and scores specifically for each episode.

Mountains are a state of mind. Running is a state of mind. Salomon brings those states of mind together. – Salomon Running

“We set out not to make music to run to, but music that told a story. Something with the wisdom and gravity of a personality like Bernd and something that would do the inspiring landscapes of Norway, New Zealand, France and America some kind of justice. We wrote these songs with running as the inspiration, not songs to inspire you to run.” – Andre Pienaar

After an overwhelming reception online, Signpost decided to release this remixed and remastered album consisting of some of their favourite titles from the season. The songs have all been reworked for a more pleasurable listening experience and more powerful effect.

“We were pleasantly surprised and humbled that the fanatical trail running community embraced our music so openly and asked us to please make it available for download. So we thought it only fitting to release “Trails”, a sonic snapshot of SRTV3 and an ode to trail running and the beautiful world we live in.” – Regardt Nel

‘Trails’ consists of 10 tracks, all written and recorded in Cape Town, South Africa by 2012 SAMA nominated* artists Andre Pienaar and Regardt Nel. It is their hope that people will load these songs on their iPods and computers around the world, and “whether listening to them as you summit your backyard mountain, while you’re stuck in the office, or when you’re enjoying good food and wine with dear friends. We hope that ‘Trails’ inspires you to live the moment, have fun, and every now and then, stop to take a deep breathe, look up, and smile.”

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