Gear performs at its best when you don’t actually notice it being there at all. The Rudy Project Rydon ImpactX Photochromic sunglasses certainly fit that description.

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The Rudy Project Rydons are fitted with ImpactX Photochromic lenses. They transform from virtually clear to almost totally black and back again as the light intensifies and fades. This makes them perfect for trail running, causing less eye fatigue as you are able to see detail like rocks and roots clearly regardless of the conditions.

The lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life and their flexibility means they will protect your eyes and face if you take a tumble. They are also scratch proof as they feature an anti-scratch coating. We have yet to really damage the finish on my pair, even with many bugs, rocks and branches hitting the lenses while trail running.

The nose and temple pieces are adjustable, meaning proper fit regardless of facial features or headgear, making the glasses stable and comfortable over rough terrain. Because of the open, rimless design and their anti-fog coating, the Rydons are also very resistant to fogging, even at slow trail running pace going uphill.

The Rydons are very durable. In three years of usage there is only a little cosmetic wear on the frame where the arms fold. Rydons are modular so specific parts can be replaced and not the whole sun glass. This provides customisability as the trim comes in a host of different colours.

The versatility of the Rydons are another key feature. They can be used for mountain biking, golf, fishing, cricket and have proved themselves with trail running! With the range of extra lenses available, they can be adapted for almost any use. (Do note the photochromic lenses don’t darken while driving).

The Rydon comes as a complete package, including a hard case (with space for extra lenses) and a lens cleaning cloth.

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Suggested retail price: R2,500.00



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