Plyometric training is based on agility drills and jumps. The aim of this conditioning is to improve explosive power as well as reaction time, whilst decreasing the occurrence of injury.

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Doing plyometric drills only 10 minutes per day is sufficient, although maximum effort is needed for the maximum effect.

The following drills can be done on dirt, grass or a gym mat:

  1. Tuck jumps: Start by balancing your weight equally on both feet. Launch yourself as high as possible into the air by pulling the knees up to the chest, and control the landing down movement.
  2. Use rope or sticks to form 4 blocks on the ground: Start in block 1, launch yourself as high as possible and land in block 2 on both feet. Continue to block 3 and 4. Change the sequence and progress to jumping on a single leg.
  3. Box jumps: Stand facing a step or a box, shin height. Jump onto the box with both feet, and jump off on the other side, landing toes to heel. Increase difficulty by jumping onto a box knee height.
  4. Run up a flight of stairs.

These exercises will improve your push-off and speed while running. Quality is more important than quantity, so make every jump count!


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