Pilates is a form of exercise focused on restoring balance in the body and after looking at the previous article on the Value of Pilates Training we can focus on 5 specific exercises for runners.

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1. Bent Knee Side Planks

Bent knee side planks

Start on right your side with bottom knee bent. Inhale to prepare and exhale as you lift the bottom side, reaching the right arm up to the ceiling. Now lift the right leg up and down in a straight line, without dropping the pelvis height. Repeat on the left and complete 3 x 10 sets on each side.

2. Straight Leg Side Planks

Straight leg side planks

Start on the right side with the bottom leg straight. Repeat the above exercise, but now place your weight on the right foot and forearm only. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat on the left side.

3. Scissors


Inhale to prepare, and exhale as you come up into a chest lift while bring both knees up to the chest. Extend the left leg to a 45 degree angle and twist to touch the right knee with the left elbow. Swop sides and continue this crisscross movement for 1 minute.

4. Tripod Front Planks

Tripod Front planks

Maintain the front plank position for 1 minute. Progress to lifting 1 arm up to the ceiling, (mimicking a “lawnmower” action) or to lifting the one leg without tilting the pelvis.

5. Core Tucks on Roller

Core tucks on roller

Start in a front plank with roller just underneath the knees. Inhale and then exhale as you pull the roller in, bringing the knees up to the chest. Repeat 15 times x 3 sets.

Incorporate these exercises into your weekly training to improve your running performance.

Lene Van Heerden

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