Ostrich meat is lean, tasty and a free range red meat that contains many health properties. It is the ideal choice for the runner or sportsman/woman for great tasting nutritious meals and recovery snacks.

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Why we like it?
Ostrich meat is:

  • Low in cholesterol – only 60mg/100g meat
  • Low in fat – 1.4g/100g meat (compared to beef which contains 13g/100g)
  • Low in collagen – most digestible red meat
  • Rich in protein – 22% of high quality protein
  • Rich in iron – 3.2mg/100g meat
  • Its free range

What’s in it for the runner?
An inadequate iron status is the most likely micronutrient deficiency amongst athletes/runners and can reduce performance, ostrich meat contains natural iron that is bio-available.

The low fat content makes it a healthy choice for anyone who is weight conscious.

Post-exercise intake of protein, that is providing at least 10-20g high quality protein, has been shown to have a substantial effect on protein synthesis (i.e. muscle recovery and building) and prevention of protein breakdown.

Klein Karoo has several choices from burger patties and sausages to mince and fillets available from your local supermarket. Woolworths also stocks a range of Ostrich meat products.

Try out this healthy recipe – Ostrich Chili Con Carne Wraps


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