PHOTO CREDIT: Nick Swanevelder

Repeat after me, the mountain is your friend. Treat your friend with respect and the benefits will be endless!

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Many runners dread going up hills, most of the time its more a mental hurdle than a physical one. Yes your legs are going to burn, yes your heart rate will increase but hey… look at the bright side. With hills you are increasing your leg strength and stamina plus the mental benefit of knowing that you beat that incline.

The correct technique is essential when running uphill, you will naturally slow down and shorten your stride as the incline begins. You will naturally lean forward, just make sure you’re not leaning forward from the waist as this will give you back pain. The best way to lean forward is from the ankles, this might sound strange but as soon as you hit the uphill you’ll feel the difference.

Nothing beats the feeling of conquering the hill that once seemed impossible! Go out and hit those hills, its worth every stride!

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