PHOTO CREDIT: Nick Swanevelder

Let’s just get a view things straight..sooner of later you’re going to fall on a trail run.. the moment you think you’re good and the mind starts to wonder.. BOOM! That part of trail running and it’s kinda cool! Here’s a few tips just to make sure you don’t fall every time you’re out running!

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  1. Go slow. Seriously… the pace on a trail run is slower than on road. So for if you’re a beginner, run slightly slower for the start.
  2. Relax. Don’t be tense, yes you’re new to trail running, but relax and don’t be tense.
  3. Short strides. Again this isn’t road running, it must feel like you’re almost stutter stepping. If your strides are to long, the chances of slipping on loose rocks and dirt with increase the risk of injury.
  4. Watch. There’s no time for chatting on trails. Keep your eyes focused about two meters in front of you, if you look up and don’t concentrate on your landing areas.. you’re going to fall.
  5. Walk. Do not hesitate to walk on the trails. If a section is to technical or looks dodgy.. Walk! If you’re tired.. Walk! Remember if your concentration goes, you’re more than likely going to fall!
  6. Shoes. This isn’t even an option. If you don’t have trail running shoes, then prepare to fall. Trail running shoes are built for trail running, they grip!
Remember to enjoy trail running! If you fall, so what. Get up, dust yourself off, have a laugh (if you’re not bleeding) and carry on running!
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