The Test Run

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When planning my running outfit, as we girls do, I was excited to add the Windy Point from Hi-Tec.

Its funky design and look made me want to wear it, even just with my jeans!

So I went out for a chilly early morning run, dressed with a moisture management long sleeve top, covered with the Windy Point and some shorts, expecting the shell to basically keep the wind out throughout the run, generate body heat and keeping it inside, making me want to take it off about 15 minutes into the run… Well, the Windy Points’ moisture management and ability to wick away and panel away the heat from your body was great!

I ran the whole 1.5 hours with the shell without that wet, irritated and “I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS SHELL” feeling – I am impressed!

This great technical spec of the Windy Point is possible because of the mesh front panel inside the shell, wicking the moisture away and creating an air panel between your warm body and the 20d Nylon rip fabric with its Durable Water Repellence (DWR) adding breathability to the shell.

After the run, I wanted to feel for how long I could keep on the shell without feeling that cold chill, and I was surprised once again, I kept the shell on during the cool down, drove home, had a cuppa and I didn’t once feel cold or wet…

The second run I decided to run with my hydration pack, to feel how the pack fitted on the shell as well as that dreaded noise factor everyone complains about.

Again I had no hassles with the hydration pack bouncing around on the smooth fabric of the shell – maybe I just fitted the pack correctly.

Regarding the Noise factor, it was minimal, I didn’t even notice it up until the point where I thought that I should actually listen for it – shows how comfortable and “go with the flow” this shell is. #solidysold

I have to refer back to the nifty little chest pocket, this is really one of the features on the Windy Point, that makes me love testing all the innovative products out there, I love it when people think out of the box!

The size of the chest pocket can be deceiving, because it really looks like a waste of fabric and zip… BUT then I fitted my brick of a Samsung Galaxy S4 in there, went for a run and it was comfortable, not too much bouncing around.

Then I fitted half a peanut butter sarmie in the chest pocket… Perfect fit, I am happy!

So the little nifty chest pocket isn’t so little after all… Staying on the pocket spec, the left hand stow away pocket is a mesh pocket with a reversible zip, making it the perfect companion when packing your compulsory kit for a multi – day stage race – lightweight, windproof and water repellent.

When the Windy Point is tucked into its own little pocket, it weighs almost nothing and takes up about no space, so this little guy is really low maintenance, more than you can say about some running partners 😉 #sizematters


I am totally impressed with the Hi-Tec Windy Point shell, it’s exactly what the name says – a mainly Windproof, water repellent, lightweight and functional shell that packs into itself.

Keep in mind that it is not a reflective shell, so the reflective detail is minimal.

It’s multi-functional and can be used for mainly trail running, as it forms part of some of the races’ compulsory kit, mountain biking and hiking.

So the next time you are comparing wind proof shell, I would recommend that you add the Windy Point to the top of your list to look at.

With a competitive recommended retail price of R549 it’s competitive all around. #valueformoney

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