The cuffs and bottom of the jacket are elasticised to keep the elements out and warmth in, but the jacket does tend to “ride up” while trail running. Together with the cut of the jacket, wind resistance is minimized as a smaller profile is presented to the wind, although if you open the zip for ventilation while running the jacket does puff up as the air cannot escape and then becomes wind resistant and noisy. There is reflective detailing on the jacket for low-light safety and you can store a key or something light in the stuff pocket while wearing the jacket.

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The bottom of the jacket is elasticised

The jacket wears well with a bum pack, both to cover it while still having easy access to the pack as well as wearing it over the jacket. If wearing the jacket over a pack with lumbar pockets and chest mounted bottles, they, together with the hydration bite valve, can still be accessed without taking the jacket off by using the full zip. The back of the pack can also be reached when unzipping the jacket fully.  The jacket also fits well with a pack worn over it. I would have liked to see a draw cord closures for the collar and bottom of the jacket.

The jacket attaches easily to a pack

To maintain the breathabability of the fabric, avoid the use of fabric softeners and wash it with a wash-in cleaner such as Nikwax Tech Wash while regularly re-waterproofing it with Nikwax TX. Direct wash-in.

The jacket is available from Sportsman’s Warehouse and other outdoor retailers in white, green, blue and luminous yellow colour ways at an RRP of R399.

The test sample has been provided by First Ascent South Africa

Review by Luan van Schalkwyk
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