PHOTO CREDIT: Nick Swanevelder

Have you ever experienced post-race depression? Training for months on end, weekends filled with plenty of km’s, blood, sweat and tears. Immense dedication, anxiety, the build up, the intense effort that is spent on preparing yourself for that race, the tough one, the challenge… pushing yourself to limits that you have never experienced before.

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This is why we race right…? Or is it the purpose of filling that void, the emptiness, taking on the next big one, the next challenge, the satisfaction of burning muscles, that numb feeling, sore feet, the bruised body and mind, conquering that fear, the fear of not finishing not being tough enough.


Through all of this you have to ask yourself… is it worth it? Was it worth it? How far can I push myself? When will I reach the breaking point? We all race for different reasons, the one thing that is sure, we all run trail for the love of running trails. If that 5km or 90km trail run is your challenge… take the bull by the horns, push yourself to your limit with determination, courage and indomitable spirit.

Fill that void with the desire to arrive, the desire to accomplish, the desire to run trail…



Images courtesy of Jacques Marais Media

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