Wildcoast Wildrun® 2015 ends on a high

Bennie Roux makes his mark at Wildcoast Wildrun®

Bennie Roux takes the Wildcoast Wildrun® 2015 and smashes the record on day 3. Image courtesy of Wildrunner

The Wildcoast Wildrun® RACE ended with a bang on Tuesday as Bennie Roux smashed the day 3 record and the rest of the field was wrapped in a race against time as inclement weather moved in.

The Pretoria-based Roux had made it clear from the start that he was at the Wildrun® to break records and after two tough first days, the stars finally aligned on day 3 as the day dawned cool and cloudy with a slight tailwind. Gone was the headwind from day 2 and Roux wasn’t going to make the same navigational errors from day 1. He rushed through the 34km in a superb 3:01:25, not only smashing the record by approximately 13 minutes but also coming within 4 minutes and 36 seconds of the overall record despite his bad luck on the first two days. He walked away with the Wildcoast Wildrun® title with an overall time of 10:11:46 and has vowed to return in an attempt to break the 10 hour barrier.

Sylvie Scherzinger on her way to her second Wildcoast Wildrun® title. Image by Ewald Sadie
Sylvie Scherzinger on her way to her second Wildcoast Wildrun® title. Image by Ewald Sadie

Capetonian, Sylvie Scherzinger put in another sterling performance as she took top spot in all three days to claim her second Wildcoast Wildrun® title in an overall time of 12:42:56. This time not only gave her the overall ladies title but also put her second overall, an excellent achievement.

As the weather moved in over Hole-in-the-wall it was once again clear why this part of the world is called the Wild Coast with a thunder storm creating dramatic scenes. However, conditions held just long enough for the traditional finish line picnic to take place and top off another superb Wildrun® experience.

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