Trail running has boomed over the past couple of years and with this more and more people are running trails and competing in events. With all sports, there is a social-responsibility that goes along with it.

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Here are some basics pointers we all need to adhere to, from novice runners to hardened trail dogs!

Yield – This is very easy, if you are a slower runner keep left where you can. If you hear a stampede behind you, keep left or step of the trail to make way.

Passing – So you run fast. You also have a responsibility with this.. announce your presence and indicate to that you will be passing them by stating “passing right” and say “THANK YOU”. Don’t give fellow runners a heart attack by sneaking up on them!

Don’t wonder – Always stay on the trail. Don’t bundu bash, you are destroying the habitat around you. The chances of running into a snake also increases on a bundu bash, tiger!

Litter – DO NOT LITTER! End of discussion.

Spit – If you really need to spit, check for runners behind you and then spit. There is nothing worse than running into someone’s spit spray!

Groups – If you’re running with your friend please be considerate and don’t run next to each other. Run in single file.

Help – If a fellow runner takes a tumble, stop and help. It’s the right thing to do.

Patient – There will be instances where passing runners on a dangerous single track is just not possible. Be patient and don’t be rude.

Dogs – Trail running with your dog is awesome BUT.. Keep your dog on a leash and carry a plastic bag for the poop.

Wrong turn – Instead of yapping away during race briefings, listen to the race organiser. They provide critical information about the trails.

Walkman – Headphones on a trail.. it’s a tough one.. but remember, you are on a trail so you need to listen for other runners behind you instead of Enya. Be considerate and be aware! Rather leave the walkman at home.

Finally, respect fellow runners and respect nature. Be humble and appreciate the privilege of trail running.


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