The Munga Trail Run defines tough at 400km


Global ultra-endurance brand, The Munga, last night announced that it is extending its reach into Trail Running.

At last night’s launch of The Munga Trail Run, it was evident that non-stop multi-day racing has found a niche market, not just in South Africa but globally.

The Munga Trail will be raced non-stop over a course of 400km from 19th – 24th April 2017. Starting at an altitude of over 2000m, the route will end in the 3rd largest canyon on the planet, the Blyderiver Canyon. The route will include a limited number of district roads. It will comprise almost 200km of single track and virgin grassland running as well as forestry tracks and even a railway line – making it a true trail experience.

Runners who accept this challenge will have access to 5 race villages and 10 water points. The cut-off time limit is 120 hours, and the winners are expected to finish between 60 and 70 hours. They will not be allowed any additional outside assistance, unless all runners in the field have access to the same.

Male and female category winners will receive equal prize money.

Says The Munga founder, Alex Harris, “With the success we’ve had with The Munga MTB race, it was a logical extension to take the concept into the trail running space. It’s probably the second fastest growing sports sector behind mountain-biking.”

Well known endurance MC and adventure photographer Erik Vermeulen will head up this race. “I firmly believe that runners are capable of completing 2 marathons a day for 5 days. When you look at the total distance it is easy to be intimidated. But when you break it down it is a tough but reachable goal” says Erik.

The field will be limited to 100 runners in the first year and potential participants can enter at