PHOTO CREDIT: Jacques Marais

Any runner that has been in a slump knows what an effort it is to get yourself out. Low energy, mental strain, sore muscles and overall negativity makes the runners slump worse than any running injury. It’s a vicious cycle that can effect even the most experienced runner.

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Focus on rest and recovery
This is one of the hardest things to do, it will feel like you’re quitting, giving in to the slump, but believe me that break is worth it. Take a few days to recover and rest. Take your mind of running, take the dog for a walk, play golf, play squash and lastly get some sleep. The cycle of the dreaded slump must be broken!

Routine, routine, routine
Another reason runners find themselves stuck in a slump is because they always run the same route, the same pace, the same time, the same day. Break the routine, try a new route, run faster, run slower, run in the afternoon instead of the morning just break that routine and get out of the slump.

Get mental
Take a step back and think of the reasons why you run. If you don’t enjoy running then why do you run? You must find the drive, the reason you started running. Let your mind focus on positive energy and start a new running cycle one day at a time. Go out there and enjoy running, after all that’s why you run right?

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