As the Suunto Quest Running Pack landed on my desk I was greeted with a sleek looking package. The Suunto Quest Running Pack is especially designed for runners. The running pack includes a Foot Pod, Heart Rate Monitor and Move Stick Mini.

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The basic setup of the Suunto Quest is very easy. There are only three control buttons to work the Quest, choosing the various options for height, age, sex, date and time. The Suunto Quest uses the data you enter in the initial setup to configure the watch to your own profile. The Suunto Quest is integrated with, this enables the watch to easily transmit data via the Move Stick Mini to PC/Mac. Here, you can share and analyse your training data easily.

Once you have setup the basic features of the watch, it’s time to take the watch on the trail. The foot pod sensor connects to the watch using wireless technology and clips in fairly easy on top of your shoe. The only concern I had with the foot pod was losing the actual pod whilst running on the trails. Going through water, long grass and mud might damage the pod in the long run. The heart rate monitor that comes with the Suunto Quest consists of two parts, a flexible strap and a plastic disk that connects to the strap. The disk contains all of the wireless transmission functionality  and transmits using the same wireless technology as the foot pod.

The Suunto Quest is able to display 5 separate screens of training data:

  • Current Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Current Heart Rate as a percentage of max
  • Average Heart Rate as a percentage of max
  • Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Pace
  • Average Pace
  • Cadence
  • Average Cadence
  • Distance

The Suunto Quest comes with a 20 hour training log memory which makes the watch perfect for marathon training or adventure racing. The battery of the Suunto Quest lasts for about a year if used for 2.5 hours per week. Another great aspect is the fact that the watch is 30m water resistant. The Quest is truly great value for money and  is one of the most advanced non-GPS watches available in the market.

Suggested Price: R3000.00

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