Saucony Kinvara TR Review


To the eye the toe box of the Saucony Kinvara TR looks quite pointed and narrow, but strangely enough even with my relatively wide feet I have found them to provide adequate space to prevent stubbing my toes during downhill trail running. My pair is a size 10UK, my normal size shoe, so I feel they fit true to size. That being said… as with any trail shoe do try them on first if possible, the narrow toe box might be an issue for you.

The tongue on the Saucony Kinvara TR is relatively small and very soft, so it fits well without lifting up and letting trail debris into the shoe or more annoyingly allowing grass seeds to attach themselves to your socks like many tongues that lift up. The HydraMAX material that the tongue is made of wicks moisture very efficiently, so your feet stay nice and dry and can breathe through your socks. The tongue is also gusseted, again to prevent the ingress of debris. It does as the label says, I haven’t had to stop and tip debris out of my shoes yet.

The laces are a very plain cotton and in my technology loving opinion, a boring affair, but so far I can say that they don’t loosen and are wide enough to prevent pressure on top of the foot. I guess they get the job done as designed then! They are a very bright lime green colour so you can swap them out for something more subdued if you so wish. A shoe in this class would do well with Lock Laces or a similar product. The lace eyelets themselves don’t have any inserts, so time will tell how they last, but so far they seem fine.

The Saucony Kinvara TR also have reflective inserts to the rear near the heels of the shoes for those times you need to venture onto the roads or run trails in the dark.

The outside of the heel has a suede feeling material covering

The outside of the heel has a suede feeling material covering it, which looks nice but I’m not convinced that it will look so good for very long as one tends to hit outside back of the heel of a trail shoe on rocks quite a lot going downhill.

The heel itself is about my only gripe with the Saucony Kinvara TR. It does not feature the usual “v-shaped” cutout in the achilles tendon area, instead it is rounded in shape that has on occasion chafed and irritated my achilles tendon even while wearing socks with a longer cuff. For those who like to wear hidden socks this may be an issue along when running without socks for an extended period of time. I can see visible wear of the top of the heel area material already so this may lead to the shoe needing to be retired prematurely.

Saucony Kinvara TR Midsole

The midsole on the Saucony Kinvara TR feature three technologies from Saucony, namely ProGrid, EVA+ and EBO. While these are nothing radically different from those featured in other trail shoes, their implementation is much better in certain instances.