Running With Blisters

Running With Blisters

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    Blisters are a common problem amongst runners and can often be very disabling. Blisters are caused by friction between the skin and surrounding structure, causing the body to produce a fluid build-up underneath the skin.

    Causes of blisters include:

    • Poorly fitted shoes
    • Moisture caused by sweat
    • Chafing socks
    • Overtraining
    • Faulty biomechanics such as overpronation

    When buying running shoes it is wise to do so midday when feet are naturally swollen. A running shoe should always be slightly bigger in size than a normal everyday shoe. Feet swell when you run, and therefore space is needed to prevent chafing from occurring.

    How to prevent a blister from forming:

    • Seamless and synthetic socks will absorb excess moisture from sweating which will decrease the friction.
    • Wearing double-layered socks is of great help because the movement then occurs between the sock layers, instead of between the skin and the sock.
    • Keep feet as dry as possible by using powder or changing socks regularly.
    • Blisters forming on the inside of the foot can indicate excessive pronation when running. Foot, knee and hip muscles can be strengthened to prevent this from happening.
    • Ask a professional when buying shoes to ensure running with shoes that fit your running style.
    • If, however, a blister has already formed avoid popping it at all cost. This will prevent an open wound from forming as the skin acts as a protective layer.  The body will absorb the fluid underneath the skin once the friction decreases.

    Happy blister-free running!

    Article by Lené van Heerden (Physiotherapist)
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    Lené van Heerden
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