Training logs often just consist of the amount of kilometers run per week or month and very seldom make provision for strengthening and flexibility work. As runners, we just want to put on our running shoes and go! Spending time in a gym is often neglected.

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Fortunately there are other ways of strengthening than just using gym equipment, and today we focus on the power of the theraband.

Theraband is used widely by physiotherapists for rehabilitation, and the different colours present different strengths. Here are a few examples of theraband exercises to help you skip gym, without losing strength or flexibility:

Crab Walking copy

Crab walking: Bend the knees, push bum backwards. Maintain this position and walk sideways in a corridor, 10 times to each side.

Star Lunges copy

Star lunges: Anchor yourself on the supporting leg. Now step forwards, sideways and back against theraband resistance around the ankles.

Rolling like a ball

Rolling like a ball: Push down with feet into theraband to roll up. The less you push down with your feet, the harder the exercise will become.

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring and ITB stretch: Hip in 90 degrees flexion, with the theraband under the ball of the foot. For a hamstring stretch, pull the leg up with a straight knee.

ITB Stretch

For an ITB stretch, let the leg fall over your body and pull toes up towards the face. Hold both 3 x 30 sec.

Shoulders copy

Upper back and shoulders: Keep elbows bent 90 degrees and rotate forearms outwards.

Make the theraband your travel companion to avoid running injuries!

Lene Van Heerden

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