Multi-Day Trail Running Kit List

Multi-Day Trail Running Kit List

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    Running your first multi-day trail running event is daunting on its own, let alone remembering all the gear/essentials that needs to be packed for such an event. So if you are running your first multi-day trail or if you are a seasoned veteran, have a look through this checklist and make sure you are thoroughly prepared!

    General Tips

    1. Pack a daily ration Ziploc for each group of items i.e. A Ziploc for the day’s supplements and another for the day’s clothing.
    2. Take extra plastic bags to store wet/soiled gear in.
    3. Tests all items thoroughly before you use them in the race.
    4. REMEMBER – This is merely a guide. Add or subtract items as needed.

    Click, download and print this checklist, you can thank us later!

    Multi-day Trail Running Kit List


    Luan van Schalkwyk
    At 24 years of age, the Pretoria student has been in the endurance sports arena for 6 years, starting with the 94.7 MTB Challenge in 2006. His love of mountain biking led to him taking up trail running in June 2009. He is always looking for products that will boost his performance when participating in endurance sports. He is currently completing an Honours degree in Brand Leadership and hopes to be competitive in mountain biking and trail running during 2012. One day I am running the Western States 100, the original Trail Ultramarathon that started it all. Trail Running is a lifestyle, not just an activity you do on weekends. You live it, eat it and dream it. It allows you to be out in nature and really experience it, to soak it all in, while seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s a physical and a mental challenge that let’s you find your own limits (and sometimes exceed them) in an adrenaline inducing way.