K-Way Women’s Nona Moisture Manager


The collar feature which comes up a bit higher in the neck – almost up to the hairline worked just as well even though I didn’t quite get to test that feature as it wasn’t that hot… but a thumbs up for spending some time on this feature.

Wicking ability on a technical garment is one of the most important specs and that is why I left it for last…

Overall I was impressed with the quick-wicking ability of the Nona – like that Hurricane, it dried quickly and left no after(shock)(smell).

Now, this is the only part where the Nona will do the 9-meaning justice, as the length of the top, as discussed earlier, came a bit short, literally and figuratively.

I liked the length of the Nona at the back, but the front part was just a snag too short, I had to wear a running vest underneath as it left my 6-pack-in-the-making a bit exposed.

Otherwise it was a very comfortable fit and I really enjoyed running it the Nona and doing some stretching and even just wearing it casually.



The K-Way Nona was a real pleasure to run in. Looking at the features of this technical trail running top specifically designed for ladies, it’s a must have for every trail running chick serious about her running.

Innovative, yet funky – and that’s what we girls want, 2 THUMBS UP for the K-Way Design Team!

The K-Way Nona retails for R399 and is available at Cape Union Mart stores.

The K-Way Nona was kindly supplied by Cape Union Mart.