K-Way Women’s Nona Moisture Manager


On the flip-side

I like to do things differently…

When I open a trail or any running mag for that matter, I first page through and spot the articles with the most interesting pics, then I read the topics AND then I start reading the mag from back to front.

Now, when I turned the top over, I didn’t start at the collar and scrolled down, NO, I instantly noticed the diagonal zip pocket (not huge but big enough to carry a gel or tablet container) and my senses went ballistic!

An Original, but practical idea? That I will have to find out on my test runs…

Secondly I checked the zip quality of this little pocket as well and again I was pleased to see they made use of the YKK zip.

Was the positioning functional? I would have to find out!

Jumping back to the collar part, I noticed that it comes up quite high in the neck, which adds to protecting that sensitive part of skin from cancer rays.

Moving a bit lower, the funky fuscia stitching and the light grey quick-wick inlays stretches to the back part of the top as well, making the view from behind not so bland.

The Test run

I took this Goddess-like top for its first run on a Sunday morning at about 9:00am, it was a typical autumns morning, not warm but not too cool.

Before the run I opted on carrying my tablets in that little zip pocket on the right side  – it fitted in perfectly with no hassles and no bouncing around! It was solid and my arm did not chafe nor was it in the way of my arm swing, another add on was that it didn’t affect the way the top fitted– totally impressed with this nifty idea.

Secondly the thumb loops was a functional idea, I didn’t have that feeling that the loop is going to cut off my thumb, it fitted comfortably not hampering my running style and arm movement. And the funky design on the loop makes you want to use that feature!!!

Normally if a top has a ¾ zip, I tend to run with it open, as I sometimes feel a bit claustrophobic, but with this run I decided to run all zipped up and it was comfortable, I did eventually open up the zip as I regulated my body temperature this way, which I liked a lot and it meant that I didn’t have to take off the top and carry it with because of me overheating…