K-Way Women’s Nona Moisture Manager


The K-Way designers took a simple thumb loop and made it super funky! Instead of the monotonous sleeve with a piece of elastic shaped in a loop, the guys designed the sleeve to look like a normal sleeve – but added an extra inlay with that funky fuscia motive previously used in the collar giving the thumb loop a total creative and innovative make-over.


I was pleased by the tailored shape of the garment by first impressions, as I haven’t tried the Small in size Nona on yet and by examining the top intensively I noticed that the front is a bit shorter than the back of the top, which bothered me a bit as I have a long upper body, and sometimes do struggle to get a top that I don’t have to wear another longer top underneath to cover up my 6-pack- in- progress.

Perfectly tailored though as a lady specific top should be – I was already portraying an hourglass “Goddess-like” figure on my next run.

The subtle fuscia stitching on the midsection under the arms adds to the ladylike funkiness and contrasts well against the predominantly black and light grey quick-wick inlay for added wicking properties.

This quick-wick grey inlay is subtle enough to catch the grey of the zip – complimenting the mostly black of the top.

Reflective detail

… Always plays a big role when purchasing running kit – we have to be visible these days on the roads – and even on the trails it helps, especially on the night runs/races.

But it also adds to the funkiness of the design.

Obviously looking like a Christmas tree is not the mission, but the K-Way Design Team subtly used their name & logo for branding purposes as well as visibility – HIGH 5 team!

They did away with the regular, same ol’ same ol’ placing of the logo on the left chest, but rather hopped a few centimeters north to be placed on the front part of the left shoulder – nifty and creative I would say.

The K-Way Mountain peak logo are strategically placed in the middle of the shoulder span, so that your fellow trail runner/ competition will instantly know where you are heading… to the top of course.

Subtle reflection detail on both arms adds to the overall effect.