The K-Way Nona is a women’s specific moisture manager top and very much a functional trail running garment. When I first laid eyes on the Nona, it looked interesting, I was more fascinated by the name chosen for the garment and I immediately Googled it!

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Google had 3 meanings posted:

Nona – a prefix meaning nine
Nona – (mythology) a Roman goddess
and then… Hurricane Nona – a hurricane during the 1994 pacific hurricane season.

So my first idea was that the top imitates a trail running Goddess with nine lives ripping up the trails like a hurricane – what a top I thought!

I was so excited to test the Nona and I started…


First thing about the zip I checked was the brand in zip used… YKK – and I left it there, not much more to be said about the zip make as YKK is a trusted zip brand used on most quality brands.

The light grey ¾ zip was the first detail on the garment to get me excited, knowing that this feature will most definitely come in handy on longer runs where more time is spent in the midday sun, aiding in cooling down and regulating the body temperature by using the zip.

They did put some thought into this design by giving the zip a “waterproof” like look – even though it’s not.

It’s a well rounded off feature of the top that I instantly liked.


The designers most definitely had a “Special K” day when they designed this top.

Not using the typical ragland sleeve idea, they moved the seam that’s usually placed right on the top of the shoulders down – making it less irritating when carrying a hydration pack – and believe me, something as small as this CAN and WILL most definitely make a difference. There is a subtle fuscia colour motive on the inside of the collar – matching the thumb loops.

By now I am already impressed out of my trail socks!

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