Groin Pain

Groin Pain

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    Determining the origin of hip and groin pain can be a very complex matter, however this can often be traced back to weak core and pelvic stabilisers. Here are 6 daily exercises to avoid hip and groin pain:

    CLAM: Side lying, lift top knee against Thera-Band resistance.

    BALL BRIDGE: Place feet on pilates ball, pinch bum and lift pelvis. Do 15 x 3 repetitions.

    PLANKS: Front and side planks, progress to lifting one arm or leg. Hold 30-60 seconds.

    ROTATIONAL LUNGES: Lunge with a ball and rotate upper body over front leg. Take care not to let the knee fall inwards.

    SINGLE LEG REACH DOWNS: Reach down by pushing the buttock backwards, keeping the knee in line with the foot. Repeat 15 times.

    Conditions not to be missed:

    • Hernias: Repetitive strain can cause a tear in the abdominal wall and can cause internal organs to protrude.  Pain is experienced on coughing or sneezing.
    • Osteoarthritisof the hip joint: Degeneration of cartilage can cause stiffness and damage which will restrict normal movement.
    • Labral tears: The labrum is a cartilaginous ring lining the acetabulum. It guides the gliding motionof the femoral head.  Labral tears are diagnosed with an MRI.
    • Piriformis syndrome: The piriformis is a rotational muscle of the hip joint and can impinge the sciatic nerve, causing a numb feeling in the leg.
    • Osteitis pubis: Inflammation of the pubic bone occurs due to chronic stress from biomechanical faults such as leg length differences.

    These conditions must be excluded to make a proper diagnosis.

    Article by Lené van Heerden (Physiotherapist)
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