Five Minutes With – Greg Goodall

Five Minutes With – Greg Goodall

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    We chat to the ‘The Lion Tamer’ Greg Goodall about his shoes, RETTO and minimalist running.

    First things first, you have several nicknames (‘The Lion Tamer’, ‘Boy Blue’, ‘The Climber’), where do they come from? 
    That’s funny. No spicy stories unfortunately…
    My good friend and training partner ‘Pi’ aka Ryan Scott calls me Blue from the all time classic movie Old School.
    The Lion Tamer – We have a regular Friday morning run up Lions Head with a bunch of mates and for the moment I hold ‘our’ record of 16:57min.
    Lastly, The Climber, given to me by the Collins brothers of Magnetic South in the build up to the Otter. I enjoy going up!

    What does your training regime look like in a typical week?
    At the moment very unpredictable! I have recently become a proud father to a beautiful son, Aaron and he has changed things for me. Typically though building up to an event I try and average 15hours a week. My back round is triathlon so includes swimming, cycling, running and gym.

    Wow congrats man, that’s awesome!

    Do you have a pre-race routine?
    Not really, I suppose on the day my wake up, shower breakfast routine is pretty standard then warm up depending on what lies ahead but no ritual or anything superstitious.

    What is your strategy during a race? 
    It usually unfolds on the day! For a long race like Ironman, strategy is very important but the trail events I’m doing, I suppose you take it as it comes and play to your strengths. I personally feel I get better as the race progresses and I enjoying going up so that would play role.

    What events have you got planned for the rest of the year?
    I am unfortunately just getting over an injury so my season is starting later than planned but next up will Hout Bay Trail Challenge, Table Mountain Challenge and The Otter.

    Who are your sponsors?
    I have recently joined forces with VIVOBAREFOOT and enjoy support from 360 Specialized Training.


    Being part of the VIVOBAREFOOT team, how has this changed your running?
    I’ve always had a forefoot style so the adjustment was fairly easy but it has taught me to become more aware of my form and therefore run more efficiently.

    Any tips for trail runners looking to progress into minimalist running?
    Slowly. You can’t expect to put on a pair of barefoot shoes and resume your normal training program. It will vary for each individual depending on existing style, type of shoe, terrain, mileage, etc. but I recommend introducing them in one of your quality sessions per week. Also wearing them causally and not just to run in will speed up the conditioning and strengthening process.

    Lets talk RETTO. You had a great finish last year (Greg finished in 3rd place), are you planning on doing anything different this year?
     I was grateful to finish 3rd but the race didn’t go as well as I would have liked. Coming back to strategy I think I ran too conservatively on the day. Training wise, I need to increase my long runs.

    What is your favourite trail in South Africa?
    The Otter has got to be up there. It is spectacular, challenging trail and it’s forbidden access adds to the mystique. But living in Cape Town we are spoilt for choice with Table Mountain, Lions Head and the Hout Bay ‘bowl’ on our doorstep.

    Describe trail running in one word?

    Interview by Nicky Swanevelder