The Adidas’ Adizero Tempo sport glasses not only look the part, but they deliver on performance, slick design and functional attributes. The Adidas’ Adizero Tempo glasses are high-end performance glasses for running and cycling enthusiasts, for this review though we took it onto the trails for a good testing!

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This is definitely the most important part of any sports glasses. Firstly according to Adidas the lens offers protection against harmful UVA, -B, -C and bluelight rays. The Adidas’ Adizero Tempo is made from polycarbonate material and comes equipped with an impact resistant polycarbonate LST (light stabilising technology) active lens which is lightly red-tinted which is also “water-repellent” and has a anti-scratch coating all thanks to the Decentered Vision Advantage™ PC Lens. Now for this review I chose not try and scratch them on purpose BUT I did drop the glasses on the trail whilst cleaning it and the lens is very tough, no scratches or nicks yet… In terms of the water-repellent factor, I ran through a light shower and the water unfortunately left big blotches on the lens and had to be cleaned to avoid irritation. The LST (light stabilising technology) on the lens is very impressive; the technology behind it prevents eye fatigue that is caused by glaring sunlight as well as changes from light to shadow. The lens helps the eye adapt to these light fluctuations which in turn reduces eye fatigue. The overall lens coverage is superb; I experienced no glare and also no fog/steaming on the lens even whilst sweating profusely on the trails at Kings Kloof on a humid Sunday morning. The Adidas’ Adizero Tempo lens offered incredibly crisp vision through the lightly red-tinted lens and is definitely the best component of this product.

The Adidas’ Adizero Tempo frame is lightweight and when I say lightweight, I mean LIGHTWEIGHT… weighing in at 20g I forgot the glasses where on my head and only noticed when I started getting funny looks in the shops after my run (only kidding). The lightweight frame comes in 4 colour variations (black/grey, black/yellow, white/red and white/blue) and combined with the TRI.FIT™ Temple piece that has three levels of height adjustment that adapts by 8° to find the best fit for everyone, the frame is certainly top quality. The nose pads are also changeable with the help of the Double-Snap Nose Pads™ technology so the frame sits perfectly no matter what the shape of the face! The nose pads are changeable and the lenses are secured by SPX™ Material Traction Grip™ rubberised arms that didn’t pinch or slip even after hours of training. The frame has a sweat blocker rubber piece at the top of the frame that tries to keep sweat away from the eyes…unfortunately the sweat blocker failed to do that effectively, sweat slipped though quite easily but as with running, most of us will have this problem unless you wear a sweat band underneath your cap. Another cool feature on the glasses is the Quick-Change Lens System™, and with this the lens is easily changeable and can take prescription inserts. The final feature on the frame is the Quick-Release Hinge™, so if the frame gets bent during a fall, the temples release under the pressure and instead of breaking, the temples can be easily clipped back into place.

Short and simple… Lightweight, durable and a ‘no holds barred’ lens… Adidas has a top notch product with the Adizero Tempo sport glasses. Eliminate crow’s feet and test a pair!

The Adidas’ Adizero Tempo sport glasses are available in two frame sizes and can take prescription inserts. Suggested Retail price: R1498 

Our test product was kindly supplied by Moscon Optics (011) 483 8043

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