“A Journey To Black Mountain” film to be released

In November 2014, accomplished American ultra trail runner Scott Jaime traveled to South Africa to embark on a journey of discovery, a trail running adventure through the heart of the iconic Swartberg Mountains, and surrounding Karoo region in the Western Cape.

A Journey To Black Mountain is the story of this trip, showcasing Scott’s interaction with the local culture and landscape, all the while traversing some of the most beautiful trails and mountain passes in the country. It presents a hard-hitting message about self discovery and, in many ways, an introverted look at how modern society influences our daily lives.“Running in the mountains of Colorado has provided me an outlet to experience life with a sense of freedom and isolation while stripping away the material things provided in my life,muses Jaime. “The opportunity to experience a new country and culture, in which the mode of transportation is often by foot to provide necessities simply for living, was an eye-opening experience for me and one that has left me asking many more questions about how to lead a more simple life.”Commenting on the production, Assistant Director James Hallett shares some insight into the making of the film:

“The idea of introducing the Swartberg Mountains as an exciting trail running destination began almost 2 years ago when I contacted local adventure film maker Andrew King. We wanted to create a film that was not about a race, or fastest know time, but more so a piece that presented trail running as a means to discovering new places and personal goals. When we introduced the concept of the film to Scott in early 2014, he was immediately interested in it and, fortunately for us, was able to encourage his main sponsors Pearl Izumi to get behind the project. Through the assistance of local partners Cape Nature and the curators of the historic Donkey Trail near Calitzdorp, we were then able identify an area that we felt best captured the heritage of the region and one which provided Scott with a suitable “canvas” to express himself.”

The film is set for release on Monday 27th April at 3:00pm CET via Go Trail Media and YouTube. For more information about the project, visit www.gotrailmedia.com